Avocado Pitter
Avocado Pitter
Avocado Pitter
Avocado Pitter
Avocado Pitter

Avocado Pitter

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Use our Avocado Pitter to remove the pit from a halved avocado, scoop out the ripe flesh and then mash it for perfect guacamole. The custom design lets you easily control texture. 

THE BEST avocado cutter, peeler skinner slicer, pitter, masher and scooper tool.

    • Removes avocado pit in one swift motion.
    • Head designed to scoop avocado flesh.
    • Ergonomic soft-grip handle provides a secure grip with great leverage 
    The other end of the tool can use to rotate on the fruit to remove the core. Helpful multi-function tool for your daily life.
    1. Sharp edge cuts the avocado in half
    2. Removes seed and fruit by scooping
    3. The tool mashes the avocado fruit for guacamole and other spreads
    4. You can also ribbon slice the avocado fruit for garnish or uses in other recipes.
    CHEF LIKE preparation of food especially when slicing avocados can be an art. Cut them uneven and the appeal is gone with the Avocado Pitter become even and beautiful and your family and guest can enjoy a wonderful meal which takes food to a new level of enjoyment.
    Package includes:
    • 1 x Avocado Pitter